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Wealthy Writers

Make money on your terms & have fun doing it.

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Hey, you! Writey McWriterson!

Be honest: Are you earning the kind of money you WANT to earn from your writing?

Is your writing career everything you hoped it would be and more?

Or are you feeling a little bit....stuck in first gear?

It's ok - no judgment here. I floundered & flailed around for YEARS trying to figure out how to make money as a freelance writer.

I know the struggle.

I know what it feels like to be scraping by on penny-a-word gigs.

I know what it feels like to have to go back to clients you hate & beg for more work.

I know what it feels like to have a university degree and still be earning less from your writing skill than what you earned at the minimum-wage job you had when you were 15.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the tacky novelty mug & then promptly sold both for grocery money.

But I ALSO know what it feels like to earn more money from freelance writing than any job could EVER pay you.

I know what it feels like to earn $1,000 in little more than an hour.

I know what it feels like to earn $3,000 in an afternoon.

I know what it feels like to earn $10,000 in a single month.

ALL of these things
- and more - are possible as a freelance writer. I know that because I've personally done all three.

And I didn't have to whitewash my personality, put up with nightmare clients, sacrifice my personal life, or work 80-hour weeks to do it.

I'm earning more money now than ever before, and yet I'm working fewer hours.

I now earn a full-time income working part-time hours as a freelance writer.

And I want to show you how I'm doing it, so you can do it, too.
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Here's the deal, Jessica Biel. Being a freelance writer kicks about 875 different kinds of ass.

You can have a career that supports a life of adventure.

Book the plane ticket. Learn the new hobby. Take a freakin' afternoon nap.

Whatever floats your boat. Because you're the one in control.

Most people DREAM of having work that lets them put life first. You can actually DO IT.

You can choose which projects you take on....and which ones you turn down.

And that means you get to only take on work you're excited about. Imagine going to work every day and bouncing off the freaking walls because the projects you're doing have you more excited than a 9-year-old on a sugar high on Christmas morning.

Better yet: Imagine telling that nightmare client to go kick rocks. And doing so with absolute confidence that you'll replace them with someone even better because you know that you're in the driver's seat. You're the one in control. 

You can exercise your talents every day and gain satisfaction from your own creativity.

And there's something very special about making a living with your big, powerful brain.

But nobody is born knowing how to do all that.

Business skills aren't innate - they're learned. 

And the thing that separates the high-earning freelance writers from those who just scrape by?

Is know-how.

Enter: Wealthy Writers.

The community for writers who are ready to start earning big and dreaming bigger.

How It Works & What to Expect

This FREE community is a place to socialize with & learn from other writerly badasses. Show up, participate, ask questions, and get ready to kick your writing business up a notch.

We're going to be talking about the craft of writing, the business of writing, and the mindset of successful freelance writers. You'll learn everything from how to write a sales page to how to negotiate a fee increase to what a project proposal should look like...and much, much more.

What's included?

  • LIVE Q&A's with Mike where you can ask your questions about anything & everything freelance
  • NEW lessons about the ins & outs of earning well as a freelance writer
  • A supportive community of writers who are all walking the same path

Who's running this show?

I'm Mike Straus, your fearless leader.

6 years ago I was living in a friend's basement, pumping gas for $1,200/mo. I slept on a borrowed futon because I couldn't afford to buy a mattress. I deferred payment on my student loans so I could buy groceries instead. And I never had any money to spend on anything that was even remotely fun.

I needed a way out. So I made one.

I started my own freelance writing business and scaled it up to a full-time income while working just 25 hours a week.

I had my first $10,000 month at age 28. I've written for multi-billion-dollar companies and household-name organizations.

And now, I'm on a mission to help other writers do the same. Because it's high time you got all the wonderful things you deserve, don't you think?

I'm also a proud coffee addict, avid volleyball player, and adrenaline junkie.
Let me show you how I hit my first $10k month.

It's time you became a Wealthy Writer.

"What one can be, one must be." -- Abraham Maslow

Start learning what it takes to earn $5,000, $7,000, or even $10,000 a month as a freelance writer - and smash your limits into itty bitty pieces.
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“Thanks for the excellent class! Lots to think about. I now have a list of specific items I need to work on to refine my writing skills. I woke up the day after the workshop with a better call-to-action in mind. My brain…it’s alive!” 
Jaime Z.
"I’m new to freelance writing and I don’t yet understand how to manage the business side of it. In only 4 hours, Mike taught me how to put your brand out into the world without becoming a commodity. All of his tips for achieving success were valuable and doable, and I left feeling confident that I can have a successful freelance business!"
Elina B.
"I’ve been wanting to go to one of Mike’s presentations for a while, and it was great! I have a whole page of notes, and it also caused me to rethink some of my draft messaging for my new site before I publish it."
Sarah S.
"I just hit a MAJOR milestone. Thanks to Mike, I sourced my FIRST paying client through cold email, something I haven't been able to accomplish in 3.5 YEARS! This client went from having NO IDEA that I even EXISTED to agreeing to PAY ME $300 an article in just a few days. After banging my head against the wall with cold emailing for YEARS, I finally got this monkey off my back! About freaking time!"
Nabeel K.

Biz coach for hungry freelancers & solopreneurs looking to scale.

Copywriter and entrepreneur by trade. Punslinger by birthright. Learning to merge the worlds of work and play.

Ambition is the name of the game. You've got big dreams & goals and you're ready to go after them with everything you've got.

I can help you get there. I can show you how to sell your products & services, master your mindset, and marry your creative passions with your business in a way that feels so very good.


Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

Yes! I do offer a limited number of individualized 4-week mentorship programs as a premium service for writers who are ready to accelerate their growth. Note that one-on-one coaching is a 4-figure investment.

Seriously, this group is FREE?

You bet your ass it is! I'm still young enough to remember my starving artist "eating cold rice off upside-down frisbees because you can't afford to buy plates" days. I know the struggle. And I believe that when you do well in life, you're obligated to send the elevator back down for the next person. 

Hence: FREE. No hidden fees. No minimum time commitment. Just kickass lessons & fun people.

Who's a good fit for this?

Anyone who wants to earn well from freelance writing. Maybe you're just starting out & you need a roadmap. Maybe you've been at it for a while & you aren't where you thought you'd be. Whatever stage you're at, if you're ready to start earning REAL money as a freelance writer, this group is for you.